United Airlines Wi-Fi Basic Guide

Did you know that United Airlines Wi-Fi is offered to its passengers? However, there are some things that you need to understand if you were to connect to the airline’s inflight Wi-Fi. United Airlines knows it very well how important it is for majority of its passengers to stay connected while they fly. Below is a few of the common questions asked by passengers taking flights under United Airlines. Keep in mind other questions are omitted from here because most people are already aware of what it is.

Can passengers borrow wireless-enabled devices available on board?

United Airlines does not have any wireless-enabled devices to offer as of this time.

When can passengers use the United Wi-Fi?

Typically, the United Wi-Fi service is made available on board using the aircraft’s Wi-Fi equipment as it starts at the cruising altitude. The internet will disconnect automatically when the cabin starts preparing for landing and when the aircraft descends below 10,000 feet. Before this happens, make sure you save your work.

On every 757 and 737 flight aircraft that is equipped with the DIRECTV®, United Airlines Wi-Fi service is made available starting from takeoff all the way until landing. This is only so if the flight crew has not announced that any personal electronic devices must be stowed temporarily.

How to use the United Wi-Fi Service?

There is a portal featured by United Wi-Fi wherein it provides flight information, free access to the airline’s official website and even the destination weather reports. It also includes purchase options for Internet access. If you choose to purchase Internet access, you get to check your email, brows the Internet or even use apps that were previously downloaded. Just like any other public wireless networks, United Airlines attempt to filter any inappropriate content.

How to connect to the United Airlines Wi-Fi network?

The steps written below applies to almost every wireless device. You need to follow the steps and at the same time to make sure that you follow the instructions provided by the flight crew when it comes to usage and the stowing of your portable electronic devices.

– Turn on the Airplane Mode of your electronic device.
– View the available wireless networks of your device, which is usually listed down under settings. Go for the label “United_Wi-Fi” to connect.
– Depending on your device, a browser will automatically pop up so that you can login to the network provided by the United Airlines. If not, open up the internet browser of your device and type “unitedwifi.com” so that you can get to the United Wi-Fi Portal.
– Choose an Internet access you wish to purchase and connect successfully.

How many aircraft are equipped with Wi-Fi and where do they usually fly?

Since the year 2009, United Airlines had the Wi-Fi internet on their aircraft that serves premium transcontinental routes. The service is managed by Gogo, which is an inflight internet service provider. The installations of Wi-Fi on the other flights started back in August 2012.

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